Medicare Supplement Health Insurance & Annuities

At Mature Health Insurance Partners (MHIP), we specialize in insurance solutions to meet the needs of Medicare-eligible beneficiaries. We are a full-service agency dedicated to assisting our clients to better understand the many and varied products available to them, as well as keeping them abreast of ever-changing guidelines which may impact their coverage decisions. Our product portfolio emphasizes Medicare Supplement plans, and also includes Medicare Part D, annuities, dental/vision/hearing, and other ancillary products.

Dick and Jane Waterworth, owners of Mature Health Insurance Partners

Why Choose Mature Health Insurance Partners

MHIP strives to educate Medicare beneficiaries and simplify the process of obtaining the coverage to best meet their needs. Finding good rates and lengthening the life of your retirement income is important. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you compare, select, and enroll in the Medicare Supplement and other insurance or annuity plans which are most suited for YOU.

Because we are independent brokers, we will compare premium rates among the various carriers to find you the lowest, most competitive rates. You will find a variety of plan options offered by a range of companies, which allows you to compare coverage options, prices, and more.


MHIP can help you navigate the various Medicare plans available and help you find supplemental insurance to fill the gaps where necessary.

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Dental, Vision, & Hearing Insurance

If you’re in need of dental, vision, and hearing insurance to complement your current health care coverage, MHIP has affordable plans that will help you cover both routine and unexpected care.

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Investing in an annuity with MHIP cushions your future, lessening the risk of you outliving your income during retirement.

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About Mature Health Insurance Partners

Dick and Jane Waterworth have been involved in the insurance industry for more than 25 years. Dick has worked for a well-known national insurance company, earned a number of insurance industry awards, and attained the status of Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF). Jane is a licensed insurance agent whose primary area of expertise is in the Medicare market with emphasis on Medicare Supplement plans. Together, they provide excellent insurance and annuity advice, services, and education to seniors.