Medicare Supplement Health Insurance & Annuities
We are a full-service agency dedicated to assisting our clients to better understand the many and varied products available to them, as well as keeping them abreast of ever-changing guidelines which may impact their coverage decisions.
What Is Medicare?
MHIP helps you navigate the sometimes complicated process of transitioning to Medicare. This includes walking you through the changes to your health care with Medicare and keeping you informed about pertinent enrollment dates, coverage options, and supplemental insurance.
Fill In The Gaps With Medicare Supplement
Medicare is still your primary insurance, but the supplement plan fills in the gaps of Medicare by paying your deductibles and coinsurance so that you don't have copays (except with certain plans). You can go to any provider that accepts Medicare Nationwide.
Dental, Vision, & Hearing
Medicare DOESN'T cover dental, vision, or hearing care, which leads to out-of-pocket expenses. We can assist you with getting an individual coverage that would help lower those expenses.
Create An Investment Plan To Protect Your Retirement
If you want peace of mind in retirement, invest in an annuity with Mature Health Insurance Partners (MHIP).

Navigating The Medicare Maze

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Helping Seniors (65+)


MHIP can help you navigate the various Medicare plans available and help you find supplemental insurance to fill the gaps where necessary.

dental, vision, & hearing

If you’re in need of dental, vision, and hearing insurance to complement your current health care coverage, MHIP has affordable plans that will help you cover both routine and unexpected care.


Investing in an annuity with MHIP cushions your future, lessening the risk of you outliving your income during retirement.

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