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With a Medicare Supplement, Medicare is still your primary insurance, but the supplement plan fills in the gaps of Medicare by paying your deductibles and coinsurance so that you don’t have copays (except with certain plans). These plans also allow you to go to any provider that accepts Medicare nationwide.

The most popular plans are F and G. These plans and their benefits are described below. A complete Outline of Coverage is available upon request.

Plan F

  • Pays all Medicare approved charges that Medicare doesn’t cover (e.g., Part A $1,340 inpatient hospital deductible, skilled-nursing facility coinsurance; Part B $183 deductible)
  • Additional Foreign Travel Emergency benefit
  • Coverage of Part B excess charges

Plan G

  • Includes all the benefits of Plan F, except no coverage of Part B $183 deductible
  • Medicare Supplement plans do not cover anything that Original Medicare does not cover, so you will need separate prescription drug coverage and may want dental/vision/hearing coverage. Medicare Supplements are identical from one company to another; however, the premiums will vary.

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